Sekom Logistics is a modern Russian forwarding company founded in St. Petersburg by the well-know Finnish forwarding agent, Oy Saimaa Lines Ltd which has a great experience in international forwarding and cargo customs clearance for Russian importers and exporters.

Being an official agent of Swiss forwarding company M+R Spedag Group which operates multiple offices all around South East Asia countries, Sekom Logistics is integrated into a world network of international carriers.

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We offer our clients:

  • International freight traffic, including long distance truck transportation and ocean freight, railroading and air conveyances;
  • International transportation of oversized cargo;
  • Transportation of excise consignments, including excise labeling of alcoholic products;
  • Multimodal and intermodal international carriage through the Russian, CIS, European, American, and Southeast Asian terminals;
  • Container shipments and international transportations through the ports of the Baltic Sea (St.-Petersburg, Baltic and Scandinavian countries), the Black sea, and also through Vostochny port of Vladivostok city;
  • "Door to door" delivery through own representations and agency network;
  • Prompt customs clearance of cargoes;
  • Terminal operations and warehousing at own and leased premises in Finland, Belgium and the Baltic states;
  • Multiple-task solutions as to the transportation, storage and processing of different cargo classification, including oversized, dangerous and refrigerator consignments;
  • Consultations on foreign trade activities, transportation routes, terms and conditions of customs clearance for various types of cargo;
  • Consultations on optimization of existing delivery schedules and cash flows;
  • Package freight from the European and Southeast Asian countries, including transportation from China, delivery of cargoes, international motor transportation (Finland);
  • Sale of refrigerated sea containers;
  • Customhouse broker services, as well as customs clearance of cargoes, goods and export;
  • International forwarding arrangements;
  • Freight forwarding;

The head office of the company is located in St. Petersburg, we also have our representation office operating in Moscow.

Our motto is: "More than just logistics"