Due to our connections with Finland, our opportunities in this region are very high. Using Saimaa Lines terminals which are located all over the country, we can arrange reloading of goods from containers to trucks or carriages and accept containers in Helsinki, Kotka and Hamina ports with further delivery to our customers' warehouses in Russia. On top of this, we perform full warehousing activities, including processing of documents.

This route is becoming more and more popular with Russian consignees. Due to excessive workload of the St. Petersburg sea port, the increasing stream of containers is redirected towards the ports of Finland. The country, following this trend, constantly puts into operation new port terminals. This delivery route is currently especially central for deliveries from Southeast Asia.

This option is indeed seriously reduces delivery period, and the sea lines always have empty containers available for this direction.

For example, a shipment from Spain can be delivered to Moscow for only 8 days. And the cost of delivery would be considerably lower in comparison with the delivery by truck.