Baltic countries

As of the moment of separation from the USSR, the Baltic states have been focusing on logistics. Huge export/import flows from Europe to Russia are passing through this territory on the way from Europe to Russia. The volume of transit through these countries is increasing from year to year. That is why many warehouse facilities are situated there and new ones are put into operation all the time. The level of existing warehouses is very different - from vegetable storehouses remained from the USSR old days, up to the state-of-the art logistics complexes.

In addition, many transportation companies are registered there. They carry out deliveries throughout the Europe, and provide carriages along the following route: Baltics - Moscow and Baltics- St. Petersburg.

It is very difficult to grasp such a variety of companies and services for someone who is not a professional. It is not very uncommon that behind an attractive price and beautiful facade there is a company with shady business practices.

For the years of our cooperation, we have established partnership relations with a number of companies which are engaged in transportation services and warehouse activities. We carefully selected our partners to eliminate all possible problems.

Being the Russian company, we are liable for the safety of the cargo on the territory of the Russian Federation pursuant to the existing laws of the Russian Federation.

At the warehouses in Baltics, we monitor warehouse activities, change of motor vehicles, supervise formalization of accompanying documents.