Due to close proximity to the borders of our country, a plenty of manufacturers and trading firms - partners of Russian companies are located in Europe. We specifically emphasis on Scandinavia and Baltics amongst other European countries.

The major transportation routes to/from this region may be laid by land, by railway and motor vehicles, and also by the sea.

The railway transportation, despite of its rather low costs, has a number of disadvantages. The major ones are absence of rail carriages and low speed.

Transportation by trucks has recently become more attractive. A huge flow of inexpensive vehicles from Poland and Baltics has hit the market and more trucks appeared in different parts of Europe. The cargo transportation speed throughout the Europe is high enough along with high level of services. Unfortunately, this way of carriage is subject to very significant price fluctuations and seasonal deficiency, especially during the pre- New Year holidays' period. Additional difficulties are created by tremendous queues at the border crossing points and possible problems at the documents' checking point and trucks' weighing.

For this reason, following the world trends, more and more shipments are delivered to Russia by sea containers, due to regular maritime traffic, the prices for this kind of transportation are minimal compared to the other types of carriage. Unfortunately, because of heavy workload at the SPb Seaport, the delivery terms can be increased.

Working in such conditions, our company is trying to choose optimal delivery routes for our customers. We also try to observe price/time ratio along with unfailing level of services. We are not afraid of complex delivery schedules - on the contrary, we successfully apply them. Thanks to our own terminals in Finland, and partners' terminals in Baltics, we successfully combine different transportation means.

In addition, in key port-cities we have established connections with the warehouses where we could store, consolidate, and transload consignments from one mean of transportation to another.